Find Out The Best 9 Reasons For Home Buyers To Buy A Home This Winter

The latest question we have asked several times from home buyers is “we would like to wait until next spring to buy a house, why should we buy a home this winter?” This is a really good question and also my business partner and I have compiled a listing of over 25 motives and then we narrowed our listing to the Top 9 reasons why property home buyers must buy a home this winter.

1) Home Prices are lower now then They’ll be this spring Dallas Home Buyers.

Why should a home buyer purchase a house now versus waiting this spring? Currently there are fewer buyers now then during this past spring or summertime. There are more buyers searching for homes throughout the warmer days of year. Intense home sellers will have more pressure to market when houses sales are lower. Intense home sellers will either be listing their houses below the market or lowering the listing prices of the homes to attract buyers. With lower costs, buyers will immediately save. Last week I was working with a buyer who narrowed down their list to two homes. After taking a look at comparisons we noticed that both houses were priced under the market by $ 10,000- $ 15,000. We made a decision to create an offer of $ 30,000 under list price on our number one choice. The seller was very mad. We chose to examine the number two options home again and make an offer. We did the exact same thing. We made an offer, $ 30,000 off the list price. Throughout the appraisal today, the appraiser is estimated we bought the home for $ 35,000 under value for a pristine home recorded under $ 190,000. Do you believe the buyer is happy?

2) Home vendors are more emotional

Anyone who has experienced the unlimited reverse phone calls will understand what steps a person will take to finish those phone calls. Catch a vendor who might easily solve their problems by selling their house and you will most likely catch a good deal. After showing 20 houses this weekend, I purchased 8 phone calls from desperate sellers saying that they needed to sell now and might look at just about any offer. Three sellers stated that they had some intense debt to payoff. I shall remember these houses for prospective buyers that wish to grab some fantastic bargains.

3) There is more interest on the internet

Many companies have their relocations planned for the right after the first of the year, so lots of moving employees will utilize the vacations to plan exploratory visits and searching the net. By having your house on the market and internet now, buyers will have the opportunity to view your home when they are more relaxed and have the time.

Catch a seller who’d benefit from a massive tax deduction and they could be more negotiable to sell quickly.

5) Buy now and proceed after the vacations

Experience informs us that sophisticated property buyers understand that they can make a buy now at a fantastic price and proceed after the holiday season. Get a great deal today and proceed when things slow down. Home buyers who purchase new houses now can catch the end of the year specials and proceed when the residence is finished this next spring. The purchaser gets management in today’s buyers market. If agreeable terms are not agreed upon, the buyer can always go to the next home.

6) Capture a lower interest rate

Currently we’re experiencing low interest prices. Experience informs us that interest rates start edging up the end of January. A sophisticated home buyer would like to capture the reduced rates of interest by locking in on the low prices while they continue to be low. Some lenders have lock and shop programs. Lock in on a low interest rate today and search for the next few weeks’ pressure free for their dream home.

7) Get guidance and assist

Throughout the holiday season it’s more probable that family and friends can visit during your home shopping trips. The further advice you can get, especially if you are a first time house buyer, from individuals who know you the more likely you will make less mistakes. First time home buyers sometimes find it difficult to ask the proper questions. By having a relative or friend about who understands exactly what to ask or that knows your needs, the procedure can be simpler.

8) Home contractors are undergoing pressures

Throughout the winter time, the quantity of new houses sold goes down. One new home agent reported that his earnings were a quarter of what they were this summer. With contractors construction costs and the price to borrow money increasing, builders are more inclined to negotiate on the sale of their new houses now. Normally, builders haven’t negotiated the cost of the past 4 years. Today I purchased 3 flyers out of new house brokers with price reductions on their inventory.

9) Reduced payments

We’re becoming contacted on a weekly basis for better and new loan plans which can help lower the monthly payments that the home buyer will cover the mortgage company. Lenders have the opportunity.

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